Payer Forum Question Form for JUL-SEP 2023

WMGMA members are invited to submit their quesitons for Wisconsin Payers.  PLEASE: NO PHI or other Patient Identifers

Timeline & Due Dates:

September 15, 2023 Questions Due for Payers from Members WMGMA Members
September 20, 2023 Questions Due to Payers WMGMA Executive Director
October 11, 2023 Responses from Payers due to WMGMA Payer Representatives
October 16, 2023 October Payer Forum  

Please submit a separate form for each question!

Please Note:  As responses from payers are received - they will be posted to the WMGMA Online Database (PAKKER).  LEARN MORE ABOUT REGISTERING FOR PAKKER HERE (WMGMA Member Benefit Only)

Questions about the event?  Email WMGMA Executive Director:  Jean Thomas, CMPE |

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Thank you for submitting your questions for the Wisconsin Payers.

Have questions?  Email WMGMA Executive Director:  Jean Thomas, CMPE |