Are you an experienced professional who wants to "give back" to the profession? Are you new to the field and seeking ways to further your career? The Mentor Program is for you!


WMGMA’s Mentor Program introduces seasoned medical practice management professionals to those new to the field. 

By serving as professional role models, trusted friends and career advisers, mentors make a significant contribution by helping to develop the professionals who will lead tomorrow’s practice management industry. Mentors can offer guidance, advice from outside your organization, and information on best practices and available resources. Furthermore, they help their mentee identify professional goals and provide support as they work to achieve those goals.

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Mentors have the gratifying opportunity to “give back” to the Practice Management profession as well as to:

  • Gain increased respect and recognition system as individuals who have the ability to identify, encourage, and promote others.
  • Extend their network to other mentors and mentees.
  • Contribute to the development of new employees.
  • Experience professional and personal growth and renewal.
  • Increase their own and the mentee’s enthusiasm about being part of Wisconsin’s Medical Group Management.
  • Use or develop additional skills not required in current position.
  • Stay sharp and creative.


In a mentor-mentee relationship, both the mentor and mentee benefit. The mentee gains such things as career development, potential compensation increases, increased retention, and/or increased productivity. The mentee also benefits by:

  • Having a “Go To” person
  • Knowing a person who can help problem-solve and identify resources
  • Increasing their support network
  • Reflecting on their practice
  • Recognizing and sharing their successes

Through the process, both mentors and mentees increase their networking as well as their professional and personal growth. Organizations benefit through stronger job performance from those being mentored, reduced turnover, and a culture of continuous employee development.

How did the Mentor Program help you?

  • “By listening and discussing my own issues at my organization either validated or helped me to re-think strategies to work better in my environment.”
  • “Helped me to understand that regardless of the differences in the size of the organizations that we work, there could be similar strategies to address needs, but maybe different channels to work through in order to make things happen.”
  • “The recognition in the differences in culture of the organizations that I work and my mentors worked allowed us to think through issues to consider different approaches that we would normally have taken.”
  • “The guidance that was given positively impacted the position that I am in because growth and potential was seen to have changed and matured to a higher level of problem solving.”


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