What is the Payer Forum?

The payer forum creates opportunity for dialog between providers and payers of current global issues that providers are experiencing, as well as, an opportunity to hear from payer representatives about new initiatives or rules.  There are typically three parts to the payer forum:  

- Review questions submitted and responses from payer

- Open dialogue with provider/payer representatives

- Open provider representative dialogue (peer to peer networking)

Who can attend the Payer Forum?

Participation is open to all Wisconsin provider groups, WMGMA members, and is especially relevant for revenue cycle professionals, coders/billers, commerical and government payer representatives. Payers typically represented:  Anthem, CIGNA, Dean Health Plan, Medicaid, Quartz, Security Health Plan, UHC, WPS Health Plan.  NGS Medicare provides responses to questions, but does not attend.

When are the Payer Forum's held?

Quarterly.  Typically the third Monday of January, April, July, and October.  The dates for the year are set during the October Forum, taking into account where holidays and other competing events fall.  The dates are posted for the year on the WMGMA website.

Where are the Payer Forum's held?

Historically, the forums were held in Madison, in person.  The forums have been held virtually in 2020, 2021 and 2022.  There is great benefit to in person networking and communication.  We conitnue to evaluate thet best format for the forums.

Is there a cost to attend a Payer Forum?


WMGMA Members & Guests - $15

Non-Members - $25

In Person (Includes Lunch)

WMGMA Members & Guests - $30

Non-Members - $50

Submitting Questions

Submit questions via this ONLINE FORM.  Questions should include all of the information requested on the form to assure best response.  Each question will be sent to the payer for a response.

Submitter of question must be present at the next payer forum for the question to be discussed, so that the submitter can provide further clarification when needed.

Questions may be asked during the payer forum, however, attendees should recognize that the payer representative may need to take the question back for research.  Payers are asked to provide responses within 2 weeks of the payer forum.  

Where are the Q&A Documents located?

Registered attendees receive a WORD document with the questions and responses by email.  Past documents are found on the WMGMA website under the Revenue Cycle Committee drop down menu. (Please log in to access).

Additional Questions?  

Email:  wmgma@wmgma.org



Monday, February 5, 2024
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM CST
Payer Forum - February 5, 2024
Virtual - Zoom Meeting