WMGMA 2022 Spring Conference

Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Keynote Session - Goal Setting: Spark you Team's Energy to Achieve Fantastic Outcomes. 

Great athletes, like great performers, achieve excellence because their goal is clear. They know their endpoint. In healthcare, too often that clarity isn’t present. We often struggle to identify a singular point of reference for our teams’ focus. While the health outcome for each patient may be identifiable, the collective goal for the team must be clarified. Competing priorities must be sorted out. Through this presentation, the audience will learn an efficient and effective process for goal setting and achievement. Leaders will hear about teams who have leveraged these techniques to achieve metrics previously thought to be unattainable. Attendees will walk away with a means of pivoting the culture of their organization. Change takes time, but having an efficient, effective process expedites the path to fantastic, sustainable outcomes.

Katie Lawrence, MHA, CMPE

Founder, Willow Strategy Group Executive Director, Ambulatory and Medical Group Optimization, Prisma Health

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify and select appropriate operational focus areas for goal-setting.
  • Transform practice culture through alignment around specific, measureable goals with accountability for success.
  • Utilize a tool kit of engagement techniques for achieving buy-in throughout the organization, selecting strategies based on team members’ roles, engagement, and influence on goal achievement.